Back to Normal-ish

Everyone keeps asking if things around here are back to normal……..well, they are and they aren’t. My answer is usually, “If we don’t leave the house, yep! Everything’s fine!” But the moment we step outside, things are still not back to pre-storm. Stacks and stacks of debris line streets in most parts of town. Some worse than others. Some piles higher than others. Our town is continually sending out mass texts and recordings urging people to park only on one side in the most damaged neighborhoods. The debris is piled so high and so many people are on site gutting houses, that emergency vehicles, little lone garbage trucks, cannot make it down the roads. It could be worse though. We could still have houses underwater like certain areas. Everything here is dry as far as water level. The creeks look like little mild mannered streams you could wade across. Hard to imagine just two weeks ago they were about to engulf entire neighborhoods up to the roof tops.

The kids’ activities are starting back up over the next few days, so that’s a relief. I think everyone is desperate for routine. The weather couldn’t be more gorgeous right now if it tried. Low 80’s, no humidity, and a breeze. That’s celebratin’ weather in this neck of the woods. ūüôā I actually had a fleeting thought today, “we should ditch school and head to the zoo!” until I remembered the absolutely horrendous traffic all around the city, as so many roads are still closed. It’s too bad because it’s¬†perfect weather for heading to the Museum District, but it’s so not worth a two hour¬†(or more) drive each way!

The grocery stores are finally stocked and I think all of the local restaurants are open, even if some were on limited menus last weekend. I’ve actually challenged myself to cook all week, so that might have improved since then. I’ll have to wait and see! So it’s not that it’s the twilight zone on this side- we’re blessed that so many things are operating “normally”. But it’s still weird to drive around your small town and see more than 10% of the houses in some state of disarray¬†or being totally gutted. We saw one today that apparently caught fire during the flood. I cannot image how terrifying that would have been.

And so, there you have the update for this week. We’ve “done school” but it’s been laid back school. Phonics and memory work are¬†both getting done. Math and piano lessons are pretty much getting done, and then there’s been walks and playing outside. We need to take advantage before the temps creep back up into the 90’s and after being cooped up for two weeks, I figure next week is soon enough to crash back full force into everything.


Blue Skies

So much to be thankful for. I love my city. I love my state. When local towns start telling you thanks, but they can’t accommodate any more food and clothing donations, you know you live in a great place. I haven’t seen the violence or negativity that has shown in other natural disasters around the country. Everyone is coming together to help.

Our place has dried. Besides our barn/garage taking on a lot of water, we’re unscathed of anything that matters. It’s still swampy out of course, but we don’t have feet of water standing anymore. All the animals made it through and we haven’t found displaced wildlife as yet. I had to let the chickens completely out of the coop and run today. It was just so gross and logged in the run, I couldn’t stand to make them stay. Hopefully, things aren’t out running around yet to eat them.

On an exciting note, the Marine Reserves came into Friendswood today to help with recovery. We (and a ton of other people) took the kids down to see the equipment before they left to go further into Houston. So impressive. And it was wonderful to give kids a distraction from all of this. Our favorite family Mexican restaurant- Moreno’s- ¬†was even open, so of course, we went in for lunch. I felt like hugging every single staff member there. ¬†The kids ate like we hadn’t fed them at all over the last week. We’re so grateful to the men and women who leave their own families to help others! God bless everyone! And thanks to all of you who have prayed, donated, volunteered, and anything else.



We’re still here. The Storm Day 5.

It’s Tuesday, August 29, 2017, and we’re still here, five days into this miserable experience otherwise known as Harvey. We started getting rain on Thursday evening. I’m glad I’ve written about this every night, ¬†as it’s already becoming a blur. I realized today we haven’t left the house since Friday. I think we went out to eat Thursday night, and since then, until today, we were shut up tight- except to go outside to tend animals or check on the water. Friday and Saturday were just wet, but uneventful. But¬†then, of course, Saturday night all hell broke loose.

Our city is devastated. We went out and drove where we (safely) could today. It’s hard to wrap my head around. I know I keep saying that, but it’s true. The water has been receding all day which really drives home how bad it was, because it’s still REALLY high. and we’re not even on the hard hit side of Friendswood.

I don’t have much to add today. Just sort of emotionally exhausted. We are so fortunate. We still have electric, our house never took on water, and all of the animals are fine. But so many people we know have, or are about (due to rivers cresting) lose everything. I’ve started having emails and texts trickle in about the damage as the water slowly recedes. And now it’s moving on to far east TX, LA, and onward. Praying for everyone in its path. It’s a bastard of a storm.

I don’t have any more pictures today. It’s pretty uneventful at our house. Just a severely soaked yard, but the water has gone back to the ditches. The pasture looks like it did on Sunday.

I will hopefully be a more exuberant poster tomorrow. For tonight, I’ll be happy that it’s only raining a little and pray the winds (30-50mph) don’t blow any trees over. I think after tonight we will be on the recovery side of everything.

Praying for you all Friendswood, and the rest of Texas. We love you.

Harvey, We Hate You. The Storm Day 4.

It. Is. Still. Raining. Harvey, we hate you. We hope you die a quick death, but oh, how you linger. You miserable wretch of a storm.

There is devastation¬†everywhere. I thought earlier today, we had seen the worse and were in the clear, but today,¬† frankly, has SUCKED. We are safe. I am grateful. ¬†But it sucks watching our friends be evacuated in droves. Hearing about friends trapped, but if the water isn’t life threatening, you’re told to stay put. Seeing stories on the news of people in nursing homes trapped in waist high water because no one can get to them. People all over our community have lost their homes and everything they owned. There are no words to describe what this is like. I don’t even think I’ve truly wrapped my head around it. And it is still raining. We’ve had 6″ since it started raining again today.

Yes, we are blessed at our house. We are safe, and dry, and have electric and food. That is so much to be grateful for. But I am just so sad. I’m mad at the situation and that it is STILL raining. And I’m¬†devastated for my community. It’s an entire ball of emotion. There’s the amazing sacrifice people are making too, which is uplifting, but the natural disaster in which it is happening is hard to overcome. People are pouring in in boats and things on their own volition, to search houses and take people to safety. People are offering to share food and housing. Maybe on the bright side, this will drown out all of the political division for a while.

I’ve lived through a few tropical storms and three hurricanes in my life. This is nothing like those. Those are fast. Prepare. Boom- storm hits and is gone. And then the cleanup. There are definitive points. It starts. It hits. It stops. And then we move on. With Harvey, we’re just stuck. It’s like a stretched out nightmare and I’m not even one of the people evacuating from homes under water, being rescued by giant dump trucks, people on boats, or helicopters. The uncertainty makes it harder I think. You’re afraid to sleep because¬†you don’t know if you’ll wake up to your phone blasting an alarm that there’s a tornado on your street, or to one announcing you need to climb to your roof because your neighborhood is being inundated. I realize there is uncertainty in life, but this is just extreme. It’s bringing so many thoughts and realities to me, I can’t quite process them right now. Especially not in a single blog post, but I’m trying. It’s a massive struggle of feeling. Gratefulness on one side, because I know it could be SO much worse. I could make a gratitude list a mile long right now. But they why and what will happen next- those questions linger. Everyone is on edge. ¬†It’s time for me to go read some Paul I guess. And perhaps drink a bottle of wine. That’s what I feel like doing. But as I told a friend of mine, I would hate to be the drunk lady on the helicopter if it doesn’t stop raining tonight. Not that I would mind that embarrassment, but it would be terrible to throw up on a rescuer. ¬†Plus that would probably be all sorts of wrong after reading Paul all evening…….Kidding aside though, please pray for all of Texas. Pray for the people hit directly by Harvey in Rockport and Corpus Christi. Pray for the people in the surrounding counties not getting coverage because Houston is the big story. Pray for Houston. Pray for the animals. Pray for it all.

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of All Comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. 

-2 Corinthians 1:3-4

The Storm- Day 3

What we woke up to this morning:



We’re at over 17″ of water. But, thank God, it isn’t in our house. We’re still dry. Our horses are not, but they do have a hill in the back they can go stand on. They prefer to stand at the fence though and beg for me to let them in our backyard.

Last night was scary. ¬†Our phone alarms were going off almost every hour all night with alerts from our city notifying us of emergencies. Apparently many people in our city were trapped and had to be rescued from their rooftops. 11″ of rain fell overnight at our house, and further east it was more. In many areas of Houston, it’s a lot worse. The footage on the news is incredible. I’m grateful we still have electricity. We have a shelter only a couple of miles away, so if it comes to it we can head there.

Praying for everyone (and all creatures great and small as well) in the greater Houston area. Please stay safe. I’ll update later today.

Oh and it’s Shelby’s birthday. Happy Birthday Baby Girl! We’ll make it up to you one day soon. ūüôā¬†IMG_3450

Day 2- Update

It’s 11:45pm on Saturday, so basically day 2 of this and we are over 11″ of rainfall in less than 48 hours. We were dry all day and it didn’t start until after 9:30 tonight. ¬†That means we’ve gotten over 5″ in not quite 2 hours. It’s pouring buckets. I wish I could see outside, but it’s pitch black. We don’t have street lights out here to help us see like in a neighborhood. ¬†We still have power, but my internet is being laggy and I am having problems seeing the news feed on my laptop. Our septic system has given up so we will need to keep water use to a minimal. I’m grateful I got most of the laundry¬†done earlier today. I guess it will be paper plates and cups for the foreseeable future!

I wish I could adequately describe the rainfall. It’s insane. I feel like I need to go to bed- staying up won’t do a bit of good, and the kids will be rip-roaring to go in a few hours. But then again, I feel like I need to keep watch. My phone keeps screaming alerts.

I know what I need to do is trust in God right now. I do. This is just. A . Lot. of. Rain. I am not worried, but I’m not sure how to describe my present¬†state of mind. Vigilant, perhaps.

I can’t imagine what our pasture will look like in the morning. I hope the horses are okay. The chickens are high and dry in their coop, but you can’t pen horses up in weather like this. Too dangerous. I hope they find the highest ground we have and some sort of wind break in the trees.

What a night. I will be sure to have pictures tomorrow. Pictures earlier today were no different from yesterday when I last posted, so I didn’t add. Tomorrow will be dramatic for sure, judging by the sound of things.

On a funny note, there is a tree frog outside on our front door who is so LOUD with his noise it’s comical. He seems to be happily chirping away into the night. If you walk outside (when it’s not pouring) in our pasture you hear a symphony of frogs. I guess they are enjoying the deluge. At least some things are reveling in this mess!

The Storm- Day 2

Just a short update. To be honest, today was very uneventful in our area. We’re grateful our area has been spared any flooding or damage as yet. The pictures coming in from where the storm came ashore are truly devastating. I hope everyone was able to make it to safety.

We ended up at about 6.8″ total (yesterday and today) through this afternoon. We had most of the day without any measurable¬†rain- mainly what’s accumulated so far was the 3″ from yesterday and then another 3-something over night.

Tonight is probably going to be a different story. There’s a nasty line of storms moving close as the storm continues to rotate around. Lots of lightning. I know several areas of town have had tornadoes, so we’re definitely on the alert for that. We had one hit here two years ago in the middle of the night and what I mostly remember is the speed. By the time we heard it and jumped out of bed to try to race to the kids on¬†the opposite side of the house, it was already gone. I could happily go my entire life and never experience that again.

Tomorrow is Sunday and our church is only going to hold one service. Not sure if we will make it or not. The city sent an email telling us to be prepared for 6-10″ overnight. I also have two small children who have been cooped up and disappointed in the cancellation of all their activities. Not sure if having them sit through an hour of church will be insanity, or genius. Anyway, that’s all for today. Praying that tonight is as uneventful as today has been.

The Storm Situation- Day 1

Well, we’re here on Day 1 of this “unprecedented, historic, storm event,” according to the Weather Channel and every other media outlet I’ve seen…..waiting. Waiting for what? Why for Harvey of course. The big, fat, storm that is coming to give us a taste of a great flood. It sounds like, depending on the source, we are in for anywhere from 25-60+ inches of rain (if you listen to the Euro model) here in Southeast Texas. ¬†The storm is due to hit south of us and then simply sit, for days on end, producing copious amounts of rain. And more rain. And more rain. The closest thing I can mentally compare it to is Tropical Storm Allison back in 2001. That storm dumped something like 38″ of rain and caused a LOT of damage in Houston- not where I lived, but where I worked. It was truly horrible. I hope the weathermen are wrong in this case because I never would want anyone to go through what happened downtown during Allison.

I know I’ve been lax on the blogging over the last month, but I’m going to try and update my blog during this “event” (assuming we keep electricity) so that we can look back with the kids later on and remember and see if indeed, it was historic. I’m not worried really right now. I think God will take care of us. I also think we live in a good city who wants the best for its residents, and none of the powers that be are recommending we evacuate at the present time. So here we stay for now. I wouldn’t know where to go anyway. The maps show thing expanding all around and causing problems hundreds of miles away. For now, all of us are here, safe and snug in our house, with our critters. Well, except for the horses. The poor horses aren’t snug. They’re wet, but they seem to not mind too much versus being cooped in a barn, so hopefully, they come out okay.

Right now we’re getting bands with a bit of wind. It will rain hard and get rather gusty for a few minutes, then die back down. That’s been the pattern since about 4 am. I just read Harvey (the Hurricane responsible for all of this) ¬†is now a Cat 3 storm and is still headed right towards Corpus. That’s a¬†bear of a storm. Praying for everyone there to make it to safety.

Here’s my summary for now.

Weather Report: It’s almost 3 pm on August 25 and we’ve had 1.91″ of rain so far. Next time it stops gusting and raining buckets, I will try to get pictures of the front yard and the pasture and post so I can compare.

Kid Report: Kids are sane, well behaved (as ever) and having quiet time. No one is going stir crazy yet, and the barometric pressure has had no noticeable effect on them as of this time. ūüėČ We did minimal¬†school today. Since we had to switch homeschool groups due to no location for our old group, today was supposed to be our first meeting with our new group- we joined Classical Conversations which will be a post for another time. The kids were SO excited to go today and of course, with the weather and all, ¬†it was canceled. I gave Shelby another birthday present early to make up for it. ūüôā We did a fast run through memory work, some mental addition, and I read two chapters of Robin Hood (their latest fascination) and called it a day.

Parent Report: We’re just sitting; feeling like we should be doing something, but not sure what that is. I need to bake Shelby’s birthday cake this afternoon, in case we lose power tomorrow. That’s about it. The yard is picked up. The animals are fed. We stocked up and did everything we were supposed to do.

Random fact: Did you know that are many forums just about the WEATHER? And people get in big fat arguments over storm predictions? I had no idea either. It’s fascinating, and has livened up the sitting! My brain is a bit too busy thinking about the storm to engage with a book, but it’s quite enthralled by brawling meteorologists arguing online. ūüôā

If you happen upon this entry and have time to pray, please do pray for safety for all of here in Texas. Even if the rain doesn’t hit here, it’s going to hit somewhere, so please pray for safety for us all, and wisdom on the part of government officials we depend on to tell us what we should do.

Here are two pictures of the current conditions. The pasture still looks good. Horses are wet and grumpy, but the pool hasn’t overflowed. We’re classing it up with our tractor on our back porch just in case it’s needed ASAP. With this many trees and this much rain, it’s a concern that it won’t take much wind for a tree to fall over and maybe take out a fence. We don’t want to deal with loose horses during a tropical storm, so Trusty Tractor is on standby.


Stay tuned for the next update!

Last week of vacation!

June has FLOWN by. I think we’ve all enjoyed a month off of schoolwork, but I have to admit I think a full month is a bit too much downtime. Even though we’ve been busy, there’s something to be said for structure. I was telling Nick at dinner that in the future I believe I will stick to two week breaks, three weeks maximum. At least I think that’s what I would like to do. Ask me again next May. ūüôā

The little kids have been going to a summer tumbling course and enjoying it. So much so that we went ahead and enrolled Harrison in a boys’ gymnastics class at another gym. He is beyond excited, and I was happy to see him that way, as he missed his first camp of the summer due to a virus and was so disappointed. Shelby’s gotten to attend a ballet camp and a tap dance camp so far and adored them both. They both still have soccer camp and then one more kids’ camp to go. ¬†Unfortunately, it seems being back in the thick of kids’ classes has brought the dreaded onslaught of random viruses back to our house. Sigh. I was hoping we were done for a while. It was such a rough spring for us with illness, especially with Harrison coming down with pneumonia earlier this year. I feel like we went from never being sick to suddenly contracting five years worth of illnesses in six months! And now it seems both of them have come down over the weekend with summer colds. We are praying that they will both recover in time for a mini-soccer camp at Grandma’s house. A has a photography camp downtown this week as well. She had a biology lab course last week and got in all of those (BLECH :p) ¬†dissections her mother is too much of a wuss to handle. ūüôā ¬†I suppose June has been mostly a break from formal school, but not from busy-ness. We’ve managed to pack a lot of fun in though, despite colds. Camps, tumbling, visits to the Zoo and the Natural Science Museum, swimming, cooking…..I think all in all they’ve had a good month of fun.

Meanwhile, in breaking news…….with everyone away at various activities this week, I will finally have time to do my prep for school which starts in July. A full week of it! I am making a point to be more diligent on lesson planning for the little ones this year rather than just do the next thing. A is outsourced for everything except math, so I only need help keep her on top of her assignments, but no real planning on that front for her. In high school, math really just is “do the next thing once the previous thing is understood.”

I am very glad we’ve been mellow thus far with the Dynamic Duo’s education, mainly using BFIAR, Right Start Math, Progressive Phonics, and then simply reading to them. But now I am ready to kick it up a slight bit and add in a few more things for Harrison. ¬†Especially Art. That is my number one goal this year, which I know might sound funny. For kids this age, most people focus on reading or math skills. However, I don’t really struggle to check those boxes. We will continue to work on those, of course. What I do struggle with are art projects. I am not a naturally artistic person and I also hate messes. But after doing the age appropriate lessons from Level 1 of Art Achieve, ¬†having read Claire’s excellent review of the program on Angelic Scalliwags, ¬†I needed to find something else to tide us over until they were ready for the rest of the projects on Level 1. Harrison is a bit of a perfectionist I have discovered (big surprise!) and I didn’t want to push too fast on difficulty. After a ton of deliberation, I ordered the Kindergarten and 1st grade levels of Home Art Studio and am intending to do a minimum of one lesson per week when we start back in July. Optimistically we will do two lessons, but I know starting small and just getting one done will be an achievement. I think it is important for me to prioritize the things they value so highly. So art and science experiments it will be.

For science, we still have gobs of Magic School Bus Science Kits to work through. I got the year’s subscription on last year’s Amazon Prime Day sale and the kids LOVE them. However, I didn’t get to those as often as I had hoped this past school year. ¬†I think with this trend it’s obvious that projects of any sort are my weak spot! But we cannot make life all workbooks, even if that’s easiest. If I can pull of the following each week I will be beyond thrilled with myself:

  • 1 art lesson
  • 1 science experiment (even if it’s just baking soda and vinegar- they love that every time)
  • 4 math lessons per child per week
  • 20 minutes of phonics per day for Harrison; start at 10 with Shelby and slowly build to 20
  • 20 minutes daily of spelling/handwriting/CLE/R&S workbook practice (total per child)
  • 1-2 chapters of history per week, adding in coloring pages or projects as interest allows
  • Daily read aloud
  • Daily piano practice

I think that is a realistic list for this age. One thing I plan to do differently this year is split them up for skill work. Not that I “made” Shelby do school this past year anyway. She sat for what she wanted and then wandered off. But I think if the math program had been a better fit for her personality she wouldn’t have wandered away at all. I am going to keep Harrison with RightStart (Level B in the fall) but am moving her to Singapore Essentials Kindergarten. I think the mastery method might sit better with her as she dislikes the topic switching from RightStart. Add to that some Life of Fred and then a daily math story book and we’re covered in that department. My current plan is to send Harrison off to play with Legos, do 15 minutes or so of math with Shelby, and then bring him back in for his math lesson. Then alternate them through Phonics and seat work, take a break and then both together do history, science, etc. I think not combining them any longer for skill work will help with the dreaded, “how come she/he’s smarter than me? I couldn’t get it that fast!” They think of themselves as twins these days, Shelby not realizing that brother being 12 months older makes a big difference sometimes.


As for reading,¬†I’m going to continue with Progressive Phonics¬†¬† for Harrison. It’s a great program that works and did I mention it’s FREE?!? With Shelby, I will do the first 10-15 lessons of 100 EZ Lessons and then switch her over to Progressive Phonics as well. IF she’s forgotten the stories. If she hasn’t I will have to scramble and figure something else out. My problem is my kids have these amazing memories and memorize any early reader book the first time through. While I commend their ability and excitement in doing so, it’s rather annoying and made us have to abandon BOB books after a single pass. Covering pictures was the suggested remedy, but that makes it incredibly boring for them. The Progressive Phonics books are cute and fun and make them smile. That’s what I want in a phonics program and I don’t want to ruin it by covering the pictures!! I’ll supplement that with Spelling You See Level A. It has really helped Harrison click on the C-V-C words, even though we’ve only done a few weeks worth.

I still have the CLE Kindergarten II books as well as some Rod and Staff books to use to help with fine motor skills and seat-work. Beyond that, we hope to use Story of the World I for history and then Apologia Astronomy and various Let’s Read and Find Out Science books to cover science (in addition to experiments of course). I do think there is a chance though that we will get to Ancient Egypt and stick there. They are fascinated by it still. Although going to the Gladiators exhibit at the museum struck a chord with Harrison. We will have to see.

Wow. This ended up being more writing than I anticipated! Hopefully writing it out will help me with my plans this week! In the meantime, here are more random pictures from our month of at home vacation. ūüôā The kids (and Nick and I) are quite hooked on the Great British Baking Show, and they’re very interested in being in the kitchen right now- hence a couple of cooking snaps. Also our latest trip to the Natural Science Museum to see the Gladiator Exhibit and the Zoo. And I did include a sneaky pic of A and my Mom. But it’s my blog, so :p I want to document our vacation. The kids have gotten a decent amount of swimming in, but the last few weeks it’s been extremely rainy so we haven’t gotten to go as much as week hoped. That picture is their first time to go in the pool this year. It took the pool longer than normal to warm up!

I hope to blog more in the coming weeks. It seems to help me line things out for school, and hopefully will return some accountability to my housekeeping schedule, which has, ahem, fallen a bit off the rails the last three weeks!


Quick Daily Run Down

Just a quick post to encourage myself by listing out what I accomplished today. There are days as a homeschooling Mom where I don’t feel accomplished at ALL. I know all of the little things add up, but when you’re teaching a four and five-year old to read, or their scales on the piano, you can’t really see the forest for the trees some days. I’m not normally a box checker, but checking boxes is feeling pretty good right about now. I woke up at 5:15 am thanks to a barking dog, and decided to just get up and get the day going. That’s very unlike me, by the way. I woke Nick up and told him I was running to Starbucks for a Latte. I was surprised by how refreshing it was to drive so early in the morning. It’s something that was normal in a past life when I was a working gal, but hasn’t happened in so many years that I forgot what it was like! It really helped me get a jump-start on my day though. I should do it more often.

So with no further ado, here’s today’s list of accomplishments:

  • Went to Starbucks. Alone. Heck YEAH that’s an accomplishment!
  • Made bed, changed kids’ sheets.
  • Wiped down bathrooms and toilets (trying the FlyLady trick here).
  • Emptied dishwasher, putting everything away and drying by hand rather than leaving to air dry (this is new for me). It’s nice to have a clutter free counter though!
  • Folded and put away more laundry.
  • Got a teenager to do some of her laundry (that’s a five star accomplishment right there).
  • Made a hot breakfast for everyone.
  • Fed the animals.
  • Completed scheduled school tasks¬†with the Dynamic Duo (phonics and math).
  • Checked in with A on her lessons and went over Math. This is our last week before a much needed month off and I’m ready for her to be DONE with 9th grade.
  • Took kids to piano lesson.
  • Cleaned front windows (inside and out) and front door.
  • Cooked dinner.
  • Cleaned up after dinner and wiped counters, tables down once more.
  • Walked on treadmill for 15 minutes. I had intended to walk 30, but my stomach decided to pull its shenanigans again so I had to stop. Just as well as I think I overdid it on my knees a bit yesterday.

Tomorrow morning I have a doctor’s appointment first thing, so the schedule will be a little wonky, but I think I’m ahead on the housework so it shouldn’t matter much. If I can just wipe down counters and manage to vacuum I will be thrilled. I ordered groceries online tonight so I can just pop by and have them loaded into the car tomorrow. That saves so much time! What I would have done for that option with the Dynamic Duo were babies! The only other thing on tap tomorrow is our dear Veterinarian coming by the house tomorrow evening for a house-call ¬†(routine vaccines for the dogs)¬†¬†so I need something easy for dinner as I have no clue what time she will be here or finish up.

That’s about it. I need to figure out how to post pictures more easily. Posting about housework is¬†more interesting if one throws in a couple of completely unrelated pictures of adorable children somewhere. ūüôā Here they are examining a giant spider we came across outside and trapped in a jar. They did agree to let him free shortly after, so that was good. I can handle H’s dead bugs in Tupperware. Not so sure I wanted this guy hanging around in my house!